What questions to ask when buying a used car


Often we are regretting the fact that we forgot to ask some questions when we buy a car. Either we forgot or thought that we will become bothersome, and then, we woke up we did not know all the details, we do not have a complete overview, which will motivate us to conclude the transaction with a peacefull soul.

Buying a used car is a serious investment for a long term, affecting the personal budget. Besides asking the price, you are subject to additional charges you have not yet been able to estimate at the time of signing the contract of sale, simply because you did not put the right questions.

Therefore, take a piece of paper and write them. In the midst of the meeting with the car owner, you’re going to forget certain aspects, or be led in discussion in the direction desired by the seller:

1. Why selling the car? This question can reveal important details about the car and about the owner. If he’s leaving the country, you can get a lower price than the market average. If he cannot pay the loan to the bank or he cannot afford one, that means he’s having financial difficulties and is forced by circumstances to sell the car as soon as possible to a lower value. If he want to buy another car, that means that the money you will give may be an advance for future acquisition and he will decide to keep on price.

2. In what condition is the car? Although it is a general question and slightly elusive, the owner will help you get an idea of how it was maintained, and about the seller himself. Remember the details and check them in a car-service of your choice. If repairs were made, ask the service book and receipts attesting to those mentioned.

3. Are you the first owner? If the current owner is not the first, then the car condition can be affected by the driver style, how it was maintained by two or more individuals. Ask how long he own the car. It may be possible you have to deal with a weekend seller, who bought the car to resell it as fast as possible, hiding defects.

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4. Was the car involved in any accident? Although the seller might respond negatively, the truth comes to the surface when you go to a workshop or a representative, if the accident was a major one.

5. Consumption ? If he respond with an exact figure, for example, 8.5%, then you are dealing with an honest and meticulous owner who provides information in their raw form. If the error is too large, 8-10%, then you can ask questions on actual consumption.

6. What is the condition of the electrical system? Ask first about the battery. How new is it? What brand is it? The “made on boat” (no-name) can give you real trouble even with the radio. There are energy losses, short-circuit the system? Is there any error in the board, all lights work?

7. What else should I know? Gearbox get neatly into steps? The clutch has any specific sound? What mileage have the tires? Purchased it new or second hand? Has it a spare tire?

Although some details are surfacing after a professional checkout or after going to a mechanic or after a road test, you should try to find out this informations directly from the owner. If you’ve got him lying, you can quit the transaction without any regrets.

8. Does he lower the price? At the risk of sounding bothering you have to ask this question. A hint he can give you is a rate price displayed. If the amount required is 6200 euro, you must be sure he set the price higher than the one he has in mind. Also, depending on the answers to the questions above, you can negotiate the price (especially if you notice certain defects that can not be overlooked too easily).


  1. Buying a brand new car is somewhat impractical these days. Also, buying a used car can bring doubts and uncertainties. Your article proved to be quite informational in helping people like me make sure that we are buying the right used car.

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