The last mega SUV launched at Beijing is powered by 600 HP (this number has been given by the producer without giving any other pieces of information about engine power), is called Urus and Lamborghini will try to produce it.

The SUV’s transmission (to all its 4 wheels) is provided by an automatic gearbox with a double clutch, with an adjustable ground clearance. Being part of Volkswagen Group, the technical part used to create Urus SUV (4.99 m length) is the same with the one that would be used for the future VW Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7.

The Lamborghini Urus’s cabin (having 4 individuals’ seats) abounds in carbon fibers insertions. But we cannot say the same about its’ esthetic looks.

Urus will be sold as “every day car”, having a low carbon emission, space for four persons and luggage’s too. The model has a 4.9 m length, 1.6 m width, full permanent wheel drive, adjustable length front spoiler  and 24 inches rims.

Inside the carbon fibers interior there are more touchscreens, fours spacious leather seats, the main purpose being to maintain car’s weight. Despite being longer and wider than other SUVs such us BMW X6, Lamborghini sustains that Urus is lighter. Until now, we don’t know any technical references about the engine.

As usually, the name of Urus has been taken from a bull. This bull was famous for its weight. As we can see it’s a logical choice for Lamborghini SUV.

Stephan Winkelmann, CEO at Lamborghini, said that they hope for 3000 models sold/year. He also stated the company did not decide to produce it or not. “If you get to a new domain, you have to stay faithful to your basic values, in our case, extreme and italian”.

So, Lamborghini get next to other supercars producers, as Bentley and Maseratti, who recently have extended on SUV segment, being inspired by the success that Porsche had it with Cayenne, created in 2002. Nowadays, Cayenne generates half Porsche’s receipts, the producer of 911 sport cars.

Regarding the price, this will be placed between Gallardo and Aventador models, so between 200.000 and 250.000 $.

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  1. An ‘every day’ car being sold for between $200,000 and $250,000? Obviously Lamborghini’s idea of and every day driver is far different from this used minivan driver. No matter what, I’ve always been an admirer of fine automobiles, and this looks like no exception. I also love classic vehicles from every era, with a particular fondness for muscle cars, which this one vaguely resembles.

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