Top 10 usual distractions to avoid when driving a car

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Top 10 usual distraction to avoid when driving a car

Most young drivers use the car as a dressing room, night club on wheels or dining room.

But, unfortunately, although many young drivers discover each year that driving a car requires undivided attention, it was shown that drivers aged 18 to 22 years are four times more likely to be involved in the risk of car accidents than their elders. It seems that car accidents are the leading cause of death for very young drivers, and this is because the lack of experience and juvenile behavior (teasing, speeding, etc.)

We present below the main reasons of distraction that can be life threatening. Even if they can seem very

familiar, it’s good to remind them:
1. Discussions with friends: It seems that young drivers who like other young passengers tend to come more easily in accidents than those driving alone. And this is because there is nothing more exciting than a friend telling you with irresistible pathos, something to make you take your eyes off the road, just for you will penetrate deeper into the story. And of course nobody wants to be a “mother” in the car, but then, when you’re driving, it’s OK to tell your friend, “Shut up, please I’m driving

2. Using a mobile phone: Even if you have your hands-free on, better delay the phone call for later in the evening, preferably when you are stopped or, even better, after you left the car. It turns out that talking on the phone distracts attention strongly. But if you really need to take the call, tell the person on the other end, that you are driving and that you will call later.

3. Posts: Writing SMS is probably one of the best ways to communicate: quick messages without disturbing too much the other partner and without having to talk to it, if you wish. Right! But SMS while you are driving? It is not the best idea – you only have two hands, and they look much better on the steering wheel. The best thing you can do is to delay the writing for the time you can write the SMS safely.

4. Snacks on the road: Sometimes you do not have enough time to enjoy a normal meal, so you make a visit to a McDrive and order a hamburger with fries and a soda.Instead of bolt them while driving and invoking divinity to even give you another hand for the glass of juice, better wait until you can park and eat somewhere quiet. Otherwise, you could get in a situation where the only recipe that you can enjoy, is that of a disaster. It is difficult to pay attention to the road while you eating.

5. Driver and DJ: There’s nothing more pleasant than driving a long way with your favorite music. But the fact that you bend over to change the CD or to move to another station is enough for an accident to happen. To prevent this, prepare your favorite CDs and just stick them in to listen or use the steering wheel for volume adjustment.

6. Dancing: Probably everyone felt the rhythm and accompanied it with vocal and/or musical movements. Unfortunately, karaoke and dancing while driving can be dangerous because you can not hear horns or sirens or can make wrong maneuver under the euphoria effect. Instead, at home or in a bar, you can do these things without any care. On the way, choose to listen to music at a reasonable volume level and try not to get excited too much on the driver’s seat.

7. Adjustements while driving: It is natural to want to adjust different functions of your car, but if you lose too much time with it while driving, you will play with danger. Better schedule all these things before you hit the road, so that further changes are as few as possible and require a short time.

8. Make-up: Is it possible to believe that you save time if you arrange your hair or makeup while driving. But what you really do is a lesson that can cost you much, while you are distracted from driving. You need only a few seconds to look in the mirror and a collision can occur. In addition, what would be the difference if you choose to arrange your hair or makeup when you arrive at your destination before you leave the car?

9. Anger: Sometimes a long trip seems the right way you need to calm yourself after a quarrel or misunderstanding. In reality, it could be the worst thing to do, when you are angry or upset. To lead sad and angry is as bad as driving when drunk. Judgement is wrong and without realizing it, you press the pedal to the metal. To prevent a bad situation to become worse, stay away from any vehicle until your heart rate returned to normal.

10. Lost in space: reading maps with one hand on the steering wheel can be a dangerous sport. Rather than to do so, locate the destination and make an idea of ​​where you have to get up before getting in the car or pull over if you have to take a closer look on the “flight plan”.


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