If you want a cheap car, here you have 10 solid options.  The list opens with TATA NANO which cost’s only 2.500$ and closes with DACIA LOGAN, the car you can buy for 9.477$.

1. TATA Nano – 2,500$

TATA Nano represents the cheapest car in the world. TATA’s main idea was to build a low-cost vehicle, able to transport safely a family to India. The result was a 3 m length car and almost 1.5 m width, powered by a 2 cylinders gas engine who gives life to 33 HP. Nano can reach over 100 km/h, but for the passengers safety the recommended speed is 70 km/h. The basic model is not equipped with airbags, radio, AC and not even safety elements.

2. Chery QQ – 4,780$

Chery QQ comes all the way from China being available in more equipping models. But this is possible only in China, as the car, like many other models from this top, doesn’t fulfill safety and pollution standards from Europe and USA. Also, Chery is in process with General Motors, QQ being almost identical to Chevrolet Sparck – the traditional Matiz.

3. Suzuki Maruti 800 – 4,994$

Before releasing Nano, Maruti 800 was the cheapest car from India. And it was the best-selling of the 80’s – 90’s. Maruti 800 has 37HP and can reach a 120km/h top speed.

4. Geely MR – 5,500$

As the price grows, the options multiply and the space gets bigger too. MR has even AC, CD player and pliant rear seats.

5. Geely HQ SRV – 5,780$

The Chinese builder says that HQ SRV is a luxury car. It is true that it has a more elaborated dashboard, some options and some safety elements for doors.

6. Chery A1 – 7,394$

Sold as A1 in China and Kimo in Russia, the car has a 1.3 l engine that produces 83 HP, AC and a quite generous trunk. Some models can be equipped with CD player and USB port.

7. TATA Indica – 8,894$

Indica is being equipped with AC, glasses stand, digital watch and interior lamps for reading. And in what concerns safety, it is equipped with frontal airbags and ABS.

8. Hyundai  I10 – 9,096$

The first Hyundai that is going to be sold in India, having frontal airbags, ABS, folding rear seats, AC  and digital mileage. I10 is powered by a 1.1l last model engine which gives power to 68 cp. Moreover, for the first time we can talk about electro-mechanical steering.

9. Fiat Palio – 9,242$

The Torino builder offers a large range of Palio in India. The basic model includes AC, power windows and power locks. Palio’s heart is diesel.

10.  Dacia Logan – 9,477$ (6,400 euros)

Any other description for Dacia Logan is in vain. It showed us its reliability and capacities, and the price/quality/good performances ratio is well known.



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