The new Toyota GT 86. The ultra compact four-seater sport car.


The GT 86, like Toyota’s all new sport car, combines the pull of its 200 HP 2.0 liter engine with an impressive weight of 1.180 kg. The result is outstanding, a supercar that can be driven as an extension of the driver’s body.

The character of the GT 86 comes to the fore. The special 17 inches alloy wheels feature the exclusive ‘86 piston logo, rear spoiler, LED daytime running lamps, high-intensity discharge headlamps and dual exhausts finished in chrome.

The perfect driving position it’s delivered by sport seats and styling details like carbon-effect trim, aviation-style rocker switches, lightweight aluminum pedals and critical driver touch-points of the steering wheel.

The engine has a 12.5 compression ratio and is square, with bore and stroke each one measuring 86.0 mm plus both indirect and direct injection, switching between them as needed. Two Aisin-supplied six-speed transmissions will be offered: a short-throw manual and a paddle-shifted automatic. The automatic will have Normal, Snow, and Sport modes. A limited-slip differential will be standard. Its offering will have “switchable vehicle-stability systems”, but we really hope that one of the positions is “off.”

Toyota GT 86 development engineer Yoshi Sasaki says: “The GT 86 is for those who are bored with cars that are too powerful with their turbo engines, have too much grip with their huge tires and four-wheel drive, cost too much and don’t let the driver do enough. A fun car is a car that you control.”

The new GT 86 it’s a two-plus-two, but Yoshi Sasaki says hopes the rear space will be used to carry track day wheels – it’s that sort of car.

With prices starting around £25,000, is now called GT 86.  If you drive one, you’ll want to own one.

The new Toyota GT 86. The ultra compact four-seater sport car.


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