The Common and Fatal Mistakes Teen Drivers Make


It’s a sad fact, but each year hundreds of teenagers die in car accidents right here in the United States, and if you want to add in the statistics from other countries the world over the numbers rise to thousands.  Let’s face it, whether you are an adult or a teenager, driving is a dangerous thing to do.  That’s why schools like My Driving School in Brisbane exist, to try and teach these teens to keep safe while they are participating in what has become a right of passage for most teens when they turn sixteen, learning to drive.  Some people don’t believe that it is possible for teen drivers to be considered safe, no matter what.

That’s largely because teenage drivers aren’t inclined to consider the risks involved with driving the same way an adult would, and are like to take more frequent and more dangerous chances while driving.  Also, they simply aren’t experienced enough to know what to do when things begin to go wrong and this serves to make the problem worse, frequently culminating in disaster.

Research has shown that 75% of deadly accidents which teenage drivers were involved in were the result of one of three often fatal mistakes they make:  driving too fast for the conditions of the roads and weather; not being as observant of the road as they should be, taking note of what is going on ahead or on the side of their vehicle; or having their attention diverted by something inside or outside the vehicle.

The truth is that no matter how often parents or schools like My Driving School stress the need for teen drivers to exercise caution; their youth and inexperience often prevent them from doing so.

Speeding:  Almost every single day there are stories on the news about teen drivers who died in horrific crashes due to speeding.  Often the speeding leads to the death of other people who are in the car as well.  The bottom line, it’s speeding that leads to the highest number of one-car fatal accidents for teens.  You might think it would be texting, or drunk driving, but that isn’t so.  It’s just speeding.  That’s why schools like My Driving School in Brisbane can only do so much to ensure that teen drivers remain safe.  You can talk, but when it comes to speed, teen drivers often do not listen.

Looking for Danger:  Often it is the case that teen drivers have accidents because they simply fail to look out for particular dangers.  It could be because driving is still a new experience for them, or perhaps it’s because they just lack experience and aren’t aware of what they should be looking out for.

Unfortunately, when danger does strike, teens frequently panic overreacts and allow what is already a bad situation to become fatal.

Not Wearing Seatbelts:  While seatbelt use has been stressed over the last decade in the United States more than ever before, the facts are that teens will frequently just not do it.  And many of those who do don’t do it all of the time.  It’s something that My Driving School or any other just can’t seem to drum into their heads.  That wearing seatbelts save lives.



Candice was a driving instructor for My Driving School in Brisbane, It’s been her mission for years to get both adults and teens to drive more safely, and she is considered an expert in the field of vehicle safety.


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