Never considered buying a hybrid or electric car because it’s too expensive?

Having produced mostly expensive high quality electric vehicles with which they only target the very rich segment. Tesla is a market leader in this respect, but now with the announcement of Tesla model 3 they are after the less rich.

The potential success of Tesla Model 3 is so high that “This has to be a first for the automotive industry: lines of people waiting to place an order for a car that won’t be available for over a year.”

The Tesla Model 3 boasts a naught to 100 in under 6 seconds, autopilot, and 215 miles of range. What all this means is absolutely brilliant engineering for a ‘low’ price ($35,000). By offering such a low price, Tesla will undoubtedly popularize the electric car concept even more. It means that ‘normal’ people with medium to low incomes are able to drive around in these hi-tech electric vehicles.

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Will Tesla change the auto world for the better and greener?

If the success of Tesla proves to exist, which it probably will, this will have a large implication on the automobile industry. It is perhaps the first step towards the electrification of the automobile industry.

However Tesla are not alone. What we can expect to see is competitors coming out with purely electric and non-hybrid cars. Cheverolet, for example, is coming out with the Bolt, which will be released in 2017. And similarly to Tesla, Cheverolet targets the lower income segments of the market.

When can I buy my Tesla model 3?

Deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 should start in 2017. The question remains whether this car will really change the market. Will everybody be driving around in Teslas in ten years? Maybe. For now however, most people are still sticking with their authentic diesel and petrol cars.


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