Quirky Car Insurance


So let’s say your car is a little out of the ordinary – or perhaps the one you’re thinking of buying is a little quirky so you decide to see how much the insurance is going to cost before you decide to buy.

At this moment, you’re probably entering something of world of misery. That’s because the insurers’ policies are generally established to provide quotations and cover for conventional vehicles. Even those insurers that advertise themselves as being specialist custom or classic car insurers often aren’t in reality. They may be able to provide you with a quotation of the vehicle meets all the norms, but if it’s been heavily modified, the policy quotations are often found wanting. When you build in other requirements like limited mileage requirements, it can get even worse.

This is very much not the case with Cherished Vehicle Insurance – CVI. That’s because the people who run CVI are classic car enthusiasts themselves. They know the world of classic and custom cars because they both work in it – and it’s their passion in life. So when you get a quote for a classic car that’s been heavily customised, for example they’re able to exercise a little qualitative judgement to give you a quotation truly based on your vehicle’s individual needs. Most companies simply can’t do this.

CVI also sponsor various classic car clubs and events so they really live, eat and breathe the world of classic and custom cars – which helps provide an accurate policy as they understand how much your car means to you – and how it’s likely to be looked after far better than the average car.

For a lot of British motoring fans, the old Fords are the cars of their youth. Many such enthusiasts find great rate Classic Ford insurance at CVI.

The company is well-versed in all aspects of Ford’s unique history – so if you can’t find good value Classic Ford insurance with CVI, you really are unlikely to find it anywhere else.


  1. Every car owner must need to have their cars insured. And sometimes looking for insurance company might be a bit hard so as thorough reading and research can help a lot.

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