Pay attention to the road !


I have not seen him ( her ) !, the most common excuse that is invoked after a traffic accident.

Do cars have become invisible? Practically any collision is involving one of the drivers or even both. The accident can have effectively, different causes: fatigue, talking on the phone or to those in the car, eating, listening to music at maximum volume, overestimation of the driver.

Any driver must realize that a car can become extremely dangerous once it is out of control. Be a careful driving person means to anticipate and avoid hazards that may occur on the road.
The first attribute necessary for safe driving is to pay attention to driving and to recognize a possible dangerous situation that may occur and avoid an accident.

Statistics say that the most frequent crashes or clashes is happening near home. Why is that? All because our attention diminishes in driving. Near the house we tend to be more “comfortable”. We forget about intersections, traffic signs, pedestrian crossings and start to think about domestic problems, If we will find a parking space, and we let our guard down. It occurs the impatience, the fatigue, after spending an hour in traffic, office, home or after a long trip. In these moments may arise dangerous situations.

It’s easy to be careful while driving? Try a little experiment: try the next time you drive to be focused on driving. Do not think of anything else. See how you can hold it and your mind have no other ideea. Many drivers do not succeed , not even get out of the parking lot ! :). Others, more “experienced” do not even realize they are driving. They run the “automatic” thinking of anything else. Is this a problem? I say YES. Be careful driving you have to transform it into a habit. You must learn to coordinate your sight with your mind and continually analyze what you see while driving ( the so-called “preventative driving” ). Remember that driving is one of the most dangerous things we do, and requires our full attention. The lack of it can turn into a real public danger.

Recent studies shows that the accident risk is doubled for a driver who take the eyes off the road for two seconds. Phone use increases four times the risk of an accident, driving discussions of 1.3 times. At 40 miles / h we browse in 3 seconds, approximately 50 yds.


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