More planet friendly cars arrive in the UK


Everyone is looking out for ways to save money on running and owning a car these days, especially with the constant hikes in fuel prices.

However, although electric vehicles have now become part of the mainstream, there’s still been a limited uptake of people actually owning them.

One of the main reasons for this is concern about the limited range that you can drive an electric vehicle before you need to recharge the battery. Another reason is the expense of buying an electric vehicle over the cost of a conventional car.

And even with encouragement to go electric from governments around the world in the form of financial credits for those individuals who want to buy electric vehicles, it still hasn’t made enough of a difference to the initial price on most electric cars.

However, things look likely to change in the UK with the arrival of two new Renault electric vehicles. The Fluence will have a starting price of around £17,500 ($28,000) and is set to be available from the spring.

This is far cheaper than the other family eco cars UK consumers can choose from at the moment. The Nissan Leaf starts at £26,000 and the Vauxhall Ampera – the UK version of the Chevvy Volt – will retail at £30,000. However, hybrids like Honda’s Insight are more reasonably priced, with a base level price of around £17,000.

The Renault Zoe will arrive in UK showrooms in the autumn and be priced at an even lower £14,000 ($22,000). planet friendly cars arrive in the UK

The reason that Renault has managed to reduce prices so drastically is because it has changed the ownership model. Purchasers will own the car itself, but lease the battery pack from Renault. Costs for leasing the battery will be around £1,000 a year, but it means that the residual value of the car will not depreciate so quickly, as the battery will never need replacing by the owner.

It will be interesting to see if these reduced prices make going electric any more appealing to the British consumers. The concern about range limitations still remains.

More planet friendly cars arrive in the UK


  1. I really consider environment friendly cars to be one of the greatest inventions ever! I just hope that manufacturers will find a way to make them more affordable and also inexpensive to maintain. This invention could really help make a difference in saving our planet.

  2. Environment friendly cars…hmm what happens to the batteries once they’re dead ? Recycle or landfill ? The cars manufacturers are not very clear on the subject.

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