Mercedes Benz F 125! Concept car named car of the future



Launched at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011 the new Mercedes Benz F 125! It is the creation with which Mercedes Benz tries to impose the vision on propulsion systems with zero percent pollutants produced (the hydrogen will be the solution of the future).

The new F 125!! It’s driven by F-CELL plug-in HYBRID technology, consisting of a further-developed fuel cell and a high-performance lithium-sulfur high-voltage battery. Energy storage is provided by a new kind of hydrogen tank that is integrated into the bodyshell structure (7.5kg of hydrogen can be stored in the new F 125!  enough for a range of around 620 miles/1000 km). The car of the future has four electric motors close to the wheels and a peak output of 313 HP.

The new Mercedes F 125! it is build with lightweight materials (high proportion of carbon-fiber) offering outstanding performance,  comfort and refinement. Lightweight construction, using carbon fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum, means the F125! weighs 1,700kg.

Completely new developments of the car of the future are the display, control and communication concepts. Dr. Diet Zetsche says: “You could say that the F 125! is a Smartphone you can sit in.” Every media command of the Mercedes Benz F 125  it’s controlled exclusively by your voice, though a center console touchpad can be used if you prefer. The new car transfer information like gas left in the tanks to your phone, so you don’t have to go to the car to verify.

Even if we look forward to see Mercedes Benz, car of the future, F 125! on the streets, we may have to wait until 2025-2027.

 Mercedes Benz F 125! Concept car named car of the future


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