How to write a succesful auto ad


Financial downturn has affected the entire world. Major industries, such as real estate or cars, saw significant declines and ordinary people had to be more careful about acquisitions. Also, in order to recover investments made or to pay accumulated debts, we have to sell our own cars.
In a market that offers more and more used cars, and the clients are rare and demanding, it is preferable to pay much attention to the drafting and formulation of the sale announcement. Reliability, accuracy and establish a reasonable price is essential if you want to find a buyer. Here are some steps to go in making the text of selling your car:
1. Full description. Remembering all the technical details such as engine size, year of manufacture, mileage on board, body type, whether or not registered, improvements, traction type, transmission, etc. are particularly important. Mentioning all these details shows that you are a reliable person who seriously take notice of this sale. Therefore, take a possible grant patience to complete optional fields.
An elliptical text, followed by a phrase such as “Help, I’m on sell” will only drive away the customers. If your car is in a good condition just mention it. The terms like “real mileage” or “super” will do the same ( drive away the possible customers ).
2. Additional informations that make the difference. The level of equipment, technologies that your car benefits, plays an important role in convincing the client. And if you have arguments why noy show them ? Include in the notice whether if it have or not central locking, air conditionned or Climatronic, Radio, GPS, airbags number. Thus, you will convince customers that they had to do with a car well maintained and a honest seller.


3. Pictures. They say a picture worth a thousand words! Therefore, an ad-free images is virtually zero. Before making a few shots, make sure it is clean. A body whose color is covered with dust and dirt will not make a good impression. In addition, a sloppy image will reflect the entire history of the car and even yours. Even if you do not go to the car-wash, you can arrange it the front yard or in a parking lot. Edit photos with both the exterior and interior.
4. Price. Before setting the selling price, look about similar offers. A simple documentation will help you get an idea of ​​the value of your car MERCHANTABILITY. Do not try to set a price below market! Difficult times that we live, force even the most “unwise” to inquire for the correct amount you ask. To save time and worries, evaluating your car with a little professional help, would be more than OK !
5. Revisions, improvements and spare parts. If you recently took the car to the review and have changed oil, filters, brake pads, write the details in the announcement. A buyer will always choose a car well maintained, with revisions made on time, comparing to an untidy car, left in decay. Ideally would be that you can prove the maintainance with bills.
6. Careful in speech! It has become stereotyped the phrase “Full, no leather, etc. ..”. Full means full, and that is if a car was equipped in the factory with all options available for that model. So if the car is on sale and there is optional leather available on ordering the car and you don’t have it, do not write “Full”. Besides, the fact that you mislead the buyer, will be perceived by most of the buyers as a smart … “Unknowner”.
7. Avoid the “district” language or the messenger one! Write the correct words and do not use slang terms or incorrect: ones ( ex : “Reno” instead of Renault ). Nobody is born learned, but before the public announcement, check it  out properly.
8. Be honest! Last but perhaps the most important step is the accuracy of the information. If the car was involved in an accident, if the airbags has been replaced, it is better to recognize that. In most cases, these little tricks are revealed. Do not hide the mileage on board and don’t hide technical problems. A simple visit to a ramp with a professional mechanic, will reveal the truth about your car.


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