How to raise the resale value of a car


When you buy a car you have to think in perspective. Making a good business means not just to purchase a car at a desired amount, but also to sale it later, at a good price.
1. The first and most important step is to buy a model that does not lose much value in time. In general, cars that have low resale have a better price than a car that keep its value over time, the latter being significantly more expensive. Therefore, the depreciation process of a car must be the first criteria when buying a car.
The resale value is given by the appreciation the model / brand is enjoyed among customers, in other words, as it is desired. The level of popularity is given by variables such as brand value, reliability, availability of spare parts etc.

In Romania, German cars are in great demand. Although a model of the same class of Italian origin, Korean, American, etc., have generally a better price, Romanians prefer German cars, which are strongly rooted in the consciousness of the novel as a “good car“.

2. Profiling a car with high resale value: small to medium-class model, German origin, diesel engine, common body shades, usually metallic (silver, black, white, dark blue).


A model with a generous basic equipment is more likely to be resold at a higher price. Make sure the desired car features air conditioning, security systems, sound, alloy wheels, leather upholstery are in good shape. It is preferable to buy an old model but with better equipment than a later one, standard version.

3. Do not tune the car! If you plan to put your personal stamp on the car too much, give it up! It may happen that the future owner not to like tuning elements such as stickers, bumper and spoiler oversized neon lights under the car. Excessive customization pull down the price in case of resale.

4. A well-maintained car price, increases dramatically. Once you took possession of the car, give it the necessary attention. Make your revisions on time, every 10,000-15,000 km. Even if the car is out of warranty, road conditions in Romania force you to keep your habit of regular review. Wash it regularly, both inside and outside. If you are a smoker, try not to transform your car into an ashtray.

5. Prepare the car for sale. When meeting with potential clients you car must shine: rims and wheels perfectly clean, paint in perfect condition, flawless tapestry. Fix small defects, replace burned bulbs or LEDs, change oil, brake fluid and fill the cooling system. These Are small details that weigh much in the eyes of the buyer.

Also be prepared to have all car documents and other documents showing that the car was well maintained: the registration certificate, identity card, repair reports stating that revisions were made on time. Lack of these supporting documents will negatively influence the selling price.


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