How to dodge the car thieves


Nothing is more unpleasant that you realize your car CD Player was stolen, or without your bag forgotten in the car overnight or, worse, with no car!. Now that summer holidays are in full, the risks increase. Car thieves rub their hands as they see how ignorant tourist parks the car in a dangerous place.

They lurk objects like telephones, CD players, navigation systems, laptops, speakers, alloy wheels, mirrors, spare wheel. It is important to remember that thieves can break a car even for an empty box, if it has attracted attention. So, here are some simple steps that will help you dodge car thieves:

1. Choose an alarm system with central locking. Car thieves use a device that emits a signal to jam your remote. Thus, although you press the shutter button, the doors remain open. After you left, they will clear the car in a jiffy. To avoid such a situation, invest in a performing alarm system and check every time the doors are closed.

2. Satellite tracking system. For added safety, especially if your car cost a fortune, you can opt for a satellite tracking system, with which you can be located and recovered. This system provides you with real time data about your car.

3. Mechanical anti-theft devices, a solution. For added security, you can install pedal locks, gearshift, wheel covers. For example, claw systems, Leo Zeder steering block so the car cannot be pushed or pulled with a cable, even if thieves start the engine. Without the key that opens the device, the car cannot be thieves

4. Chemical blast. Chemical Blast burn your chassis number (VIN) on the mirrors, the side windows on the rear window and windshield. Operation is very simple, and a company can be found quickly on the Internet. If those components show the number of chassis, for the thieves it will be harder to sell. There is still bad luck that they discover the print at home, when they analyze their prey.

5. Security films. Often thieves choose to break the window to get what they want. It usually happens at night when they can make invisible, despite the alarm sound… To avoid such a situation, you can install security film on car windows. They do not allow the disintegration of glass surfaces, even if they are broken.

6. Watch where to park. If you go on vacation by car, parking can be a problem. Make sure the hotel has a parking monitored with video cameras area. In the city, park in guarded and sufficiently illuminated area.

7. Do not leave things in plain sight. Before you leave the car, take with you all that could attract thieves attention: interface of DVD players, MP3 players, GPS, bags, boxes, folders with documents, wallets theft - broken window

8. If unfortunately your car was stolen, immediately call the police and provide them information about the car (registration number, vehicle identification data: model, production year, color, identification number of the car, the place from which it was stolen, and information about witnesses, if necessary).

If there are other tricks to fool thieves, don’t keep them for you. We value your opinions.


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