How to buy a car

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Deciding which car to buy is always a tricky decision.  Unless you really know your cars, buying second hand can be a risky business, but then buying new is more costly.

The main reason not to buy new is that as soon as you drive the car a few metres from the dealership, thousands will be taken off its value. As most people know a car is a depreciating asset.

But one of the biggest advantages of buying a new car is the warranty that comes with it. You’re paying extra for the knowledge that if anything goes wrong, you’ll be fully covered – at least for the time the warranty is valid.  And if you choose a model that has reliability stamped all over it – like a Honda Civic, for example – you’ll be taking even less of a risk.

Many people who own a Honda tend never to buy another brand – once they’ve owned a Honda they become loyal to the Japanese car manufacturer brand. Take, for example, Joe LoCicero – a man in the States who has driven his Honda Accord one million miles.  In fact, when Honda got word that he was reaching that particular milestone, the company gave LoCicero a new Honda Accord.  We haven’t heard what Joe’s planning to do with the million-miler yet!

The civic 2012 is soon going to be available to buy. Though the ninth generation of the car hasn’t wowed people with its differences from the eighth generation, perhaps that’s because Honda knows it’s got a pretty good model already – and that loyal Civic fans didn’t want too many changes to a tried and tested formula.

Instead of messing around with the exterior, Honda has concentrated on what people are most concerned with at the moment – the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.  All the Civic 2012 models – and there are seven of them – are more fuel-efficient than previous generations.

Whether you can afford a new Civic or you’ll have to settle for a second-hand model, you’re pretty sure to get trouble-free motoring. But if you do go for second-hand, get a qualified mechanic to check it over before you part with any cash! -how to buy a car -honda-civic-rear

How to buy a car


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