Finding A Good Caravan Insurance


It can be great fun to own a caravan or park home. Both give you the possibility of cheap holidays that get cheaper every year you own the static or touring caravan. It’s a great feeling to be able to pack up and go whenever you want to, without having to think about where you’re going to find accommodation.

However, with ownership of a mobile home or caravan come responsibility and running costs. You need to maintain them well to keep them in good working order. Every year, they will need servicing and checking over to make sure all the appliances are working properly.

You also need to protect your valuable asset against the danger of theft, fire or other kinds of damage. This means taking out an insurance policy. As with all kinds of insurance, you’re advised to search around for the best deal. Prices have increased in the last few years, but you can shop around to make sure that you find the most competitive price for the level of cover you are seeking.

The best prices are often found online and you can find prices for UK insurance for caravans here. Premiums vary according to where you keep your caravan, what level of contents cover you want, and if you have security devices like a wheel clamp and tracking device on your vehicle. The tracker greatly increases the possibility of recovery should your vehicle be stolen.

And with mobile homes, the same rules apply. The better security you have installed on your park home, the more chance you have of reducing premiums for its insurance. Many insurers will only insure static caravans if they are kept on a registered park home site. You can get an online quote for UK Park home today.

If you’re not sure who the best insurers are for mobile homes and caravans, talking to other people who own them is a good start, and there’s a lot to be said for a personal recommendation.


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