Buying a classic VW camper


If you’re thinking about buying a VW classic camper van, then you’re in good company! The old VW campers have been classics for a long time, but their stock has risen particularly over the last decade.

Consequently, the purchase prices have reached dizzy new heights. Now if you know VW campers inside out and understand the unique mechanics of the vehicles well, then read no further as you probably know very well what you’re doing and where the true value in such vehicles lies.

If you’re in the remaining 90% of buyers, though, then it’s going to be essential to seek out good, independent expert advice before making an offer on one. This is worth the investment even if you don’t end up agreeing a price on the vehicle.

The Volkswagen Type 2, as it is officially known, though depending on the exact body type it may also be called a Transporter, a Kombi or a Microbus – or informally simply as a “Bus” in the USA or Camper in the UK, is a panel van first introduced in 1950 by Volkswagen. This was the company’s second car after the first “people’s wagon”, the Volkswagen Beetle so was given the official factory designation “Type 2”.

The earliest versions of all are the most collectible; the “split screens” or “splitties”. The slightly later T2 models from the early 70s are also beautiful and eminently collectible. Remember, too, that any vehicle made before January 1st 1973 is eligible for historic road tax, which is free in the UK. You should also be able to get classic Camper insurance which should be cheap – particularly if you do limited mileage.

Where and how you store your vehicle will also have a bearing on the price – as will affiliation to any of the VW classic vehicle clubs etc.

Just make sure any classic Camper insurance you go for is provided by experts with full knowledge of the classic VW scene.


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