A SUV as Bentley sees it: EXP 9 F Concept


The luxury cars British producer presents at Geneva: EXP 9 F Bentley Concept.

It seems like the VW, AUDI and PORSCHE SUV’ s aren’t try enough, so there seems to be wanted another luxury model, this time created by Bentley.

In what concerns its design, this is a car that you either like it, or dislike it. There’ s no midway. As you look it from the front side it seems a Muslanne, but at a larger scale, the central grid remains the main element which gets your attention at first sight. The projectors are moved under the headlights having a secondary  role of ventilating the engine through the grid inspired by the jet planes. The 23 inches alloy rims’s design is turbine like. Seen from behind, the new EXP 9 F Bentley Concept impresses through an out of relief trunk and exhaust’s tips incorporated in spoiler’s design.

Luxury is like home in Bentley’s interior. Attention to details can impressed even the most demanding of us. The mixture of wood, bronze and aluminum material and handmade leather and advanced technology of TFT screen, 3D navigation and headrest screens offers us an image of British elegance. Just like the Muslanne, after a hard work day you can rest on the back seat sipping a glace of champagne kept cold in the armrest. Here you can notice that the  tailgate’s interior side can be used as a picnic table, and from the superior side it can be opened a canopy which can protect you while you are dining.

And to be helpful, the EXP 9 F come equipped with a full Bentley set of cutlery. But the only things that deserve being kept in Bentley plates and glasses are the caviar and the old wine.

Regarding the technical part, the last creation of the British constructor has  a 6 l twin-turbo W12 engine, who develops almost 600 HP and 800 NM. Also, according to the Crewe company, the future clients can choose the new released  4l twin-turbo V8 engine, the offer being soon completed by a version having a hybrid chassis.

About the luxurious SUV’s prices, Bentley haven’t revealed any pieces of information yet.



A SUV as Bentley sees it: EXP 9 F Concept




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