You know what I am talking about – these things shouldn’t be done in the car, especially while driving. This will not come as a surprise for most of us, though.

If you know or you saw something crazy please comment below.

Meanwhile let’s talk about 5 of them:

  1. Reading


One time I saw a lady (and another time a guy) reading a book. Maybe the name of the book was “The official HIGHWAY Code”? I hope so!

2. Typing and Drinking


How about texting while drinking coffee… while driving… while? How many things can this guy do in the same time?

3. Putting on Makeup


I can’t tell you much about the lady above – why? Because you probably have seen at least one woman with the makeup mirror in one hand or with a brush, putting on eye shadows or blush meanwhile driving with 40-50 mile an hour. This is why I take the bus now :)

4. Eating, drinking, talking on the phone


If you are a multi-tasking person probably you could do it, but it’s indicated to avoid if you don’t want to do an incident.

5. Dog fancying


If you have a dog you are very familiar with that kind of moment when your dog wants to help you driving. I have one so I can confirm! “Hey mate, can you keep the steering wheel for me, I need to take a phone call?”.

This list is far from being complete. You can add your thoughts in the comment section below!



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