The Common and Fatal Mistakes Teen Drivers Make

It’s a sad fact, but each year hundreds of teenagers die in car accidents right here in the United States, and if you want to add in the statistics from other countries the world over the numbers rise to thousands.  Let’s face it, whether you are an adult or a teenager, driving is a dangerous thing [...]

Motoring in a time of austerity – how to cut costs and save money

Owning and running a car has become increasingly difficult in recent years, as the grip of the economic downturn has tightened evermore. This is thanks to the state of the economy throughout the world, unfortunately, which means that things are unlikely to change anytime soon. This is why it is now [...]
Buying a classic VW camper

Buying a classic VW camper

If you’re thinking about buying a VW classic camper van, then you’re in good company! The old VW campers have been classics for a long time, but their stock has risen particularly over the last decade. Consequently, the purchase prices have reached dizzy new heights. Now if you know VW campers [...]

Quirky Car Insurance

So let’s say your car is a little out of the ordinary – or perhaps the one you’re thinking of buying is a little quirky so you decide to see how much the insurance is going to cost before you decide to buy. At this moment, you’re probably entering something of world of misery. That’s because the [...]

Finding A Good Caravan Insurance

It can be great fun to own a caravan or park home. Both give you the possibility of cheap holidays that get cheaper every year you own the static or touring caravan. It’s a great feeling to be able to pack up and go whenever you want to, without having to think about where you’re going to find [...]


  The highly anticipated Volvo S60 Polestar performance concept made its world premiere on the sidelines of the Gothenburg City Race in Sweden. Polestar helped the automaker develop a car that combines Volvo’s comfortable driving experience with a high level of power and handling, providing more [...]

The most expensive cars in the world

Ferrari 250 GTO -$35 million 250 GTO was deemed too dangerous for most drivers by Ferrari and his team. Although in 1996 worth 3.5 million dollars, and in 1999 around 8.5 million dollars, After Craig McCaw bought it for $ 35 million, the impressive car just became the most expensive car in the [...]


Also available in a five door version, the new BMW M135i will offer a 3.0 liter gasoline engine, with six in-line cylinders that yield 320 horse power. The new model also stands out through an improved chassis and aerodynamically improved body elements, all these features being specific to the M [...] view


The last mega SUV launched at Beijing is powered by 600 HP (this number has been given by the producer without giving any other pieces of information about engine power), is called Urus and Lamborghini will try to produce it. (more…) planet friendly cars arrive in the UK

More planet friendly cars arrive in the UK

Everyone is looking out for ways to save money on running and owning a car these days, especially with the constant hikes in fuel prices. However, although electric vehicles have now become part of the mainstream, there’s still been a limited uptake of people actually owning them. (more…)
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